Gastvortrag von Lauren Boyle: Seeking Hypotheticals

Ringvorlesung Master Intermedia
Di, 12.11.2019 | 18:00 Uhr
Institut für Kunst & Kunsttheorie | Block B | THEATER
R 2.212 | Gronewaldstraße 2 | Köln

The New York collective DIS (Lauren Boyle, Marco Roso, Solomon Chase, David Toro) transforms knowledge and discourse into experiences. Following the credo: To change the world we must change our ability to understand it. DIS radically confront the complexity of the present at eye level.

For nearly a decade now, DIS has continuously embraced, engaged, and reinvented important new platforms for the production, dissemination, and discussion of contemporary culture – all of which reimagine one format or another. Through it’s own unique platforms, and curatorial projects, DIS enhances and amplifies the possibilities and capabilities of art and its role in the artistic, commercial, educational, and public spheres – folding all into one. Today, DIS is focused on While remaining true to the novel approaches to critical inquiry that defined life as a magazine, DIS is focused on redefining entertainment and education through its new streaming platform –

Bildcredits: The New Wholesome, DISimages, 2013
Courtesy DIS